…..  a show in aid of Eden Foundation, under the distinguished patronage of the then Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi and Mrs. Gonzi, staged at the Malta Hilton in December 2007, celebrated artistic talent, exposing people to a culture that defines talents and abilities, both individual and nation-wise.   Whilst embracing  dedication and enthusias, it gave the opportunity to those present to savour some of music’s greats.



Opening- Bolero

Ruth –  Artistic Director – Executive producer – performing artiste

…..  the sequel to Journey - a show in aid of Puttinu Cares Support Group, staged at the Malta Hilton in December 2008 ~ the next initiative to contribute to the needs of others.   

Here is the introductory analysis by Nicholas Vella Laurenti  . . . . .

“ Journey Evolution can be seen as being composed of three layers of meaning.  At its surface outer layer, the meaning of Journey Evolution lies in the wide gamut of artistic styles and forms, of human experiences and of social, historical and cultural settings that are kaleidoscopically projected both within and between the various stages of its course.  Moving freely across music, dance and drama, across classical, rap, pop and gospel music, and across the sounds of the piano, the prepared piano and that of the human voice, Journey Evolution celebrates the diversity of life through an attractive bonanza of colour, mood and expression delivered by a large heterogeneous cast of established and budding artists.

Delving further down to its middle layer of meaning, one finds that Journey Evolution manages not only to collect but also to connect multifarious elements.  This commitment to connecting people and ideas is immediately asserted in the opening Bolero, where the long succession of solo passages by the instruments of the wind section eventually yields to the full force of the orchestral ensemble.  The fluid dynamics of the performance, enabling performers to play multiple roles and to switch roles between numbers while still on stage, also serves to create links between myriad elements.

The prominence of the childlike element in Journey Evolution doesn’t simply add variety to the show but, more importantly, helps foster a deep sense of unity and equality among all those involved.  Journey Evolution is thus also an attempt to cross the borders which define individual differences in order to discover the shared territory of our being human.  Doing this through the media of the arts, it redefines creativity so firmly set in the realm of the individual, as a collective and connective process.

When one gets down to the bottom layer of the meaning of Journey Evolution, one can see that the purpose of this connective process is not to create some static and unidimensional order but to allow elements to change and metamorphose.  Many works in this production are in fact characterized by an original feature of some work being transformed as a result of a meeting of styles.  For instance, in the number Joyful, Joyful, the well-known theme of Beethoven’s symphonic work ‘Ode to Joy’, is remodelled to fit the gospel style of the music from the Sister Act film sequal.  Other numbers, such as Shakespeare as we like it, are the final products of transformations carried out specifically for this production.

 As its name suggests, Journey Evolution takes us on an artistic journey through the evolution of people and ideas, prompting us all the while to question status quos and to understand that everything around us and within us is on a continuous journey of evolution.  Early on in its course, Journey Evolution visits the allegorical crisis from whence this evolutionary journey originates, namely the biblical myth of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.  This idea is rendered with two theatrical numbers, Fall of Man and Adam Lay y Bounden, separated by a light-hearted musical evocation of the serpentine agitator in La Danza del Diavolo.  Thenceforth, the course of Journey Evolution is pervaded by brief but sharp moments of rupture, such as the sudden onset of an eerie atmosphere in the midst of the childlike innocence of Twinkle, Twinkle, which invigorate the journey’s rhythm.  Moments like this suggest to us that all crises, painful and disturbing though they may be, are critical agents in the evolutionary journeys of all things.


Journey Choir, whose artistic repertoire ranges from the classical and sacred genres, to musical theatre, pop and contemporary form, knows its initiation in June 2007, in preparation for the show Journey, staged primarily in December of the same year at the Hilton, Malta.  It embraced people from different walks of life, 90-strong, committing themselves to a variety of engagements, primarily in Journey and Journey Evolution, as well as guests during at the 2007 Malta TV Awards, in Christmas concerts, at Malta International Airport, on television, during sacred concerts, musico-literary evenings and Investiture banquets organized by the Knights of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Journey Junior Choir was set up in September 2007 – a 60-strong children’s choir, whose enthusiasm and verve graced their presence in both shows as well as performances that followed.

Both choirs have been a training ground for musicianship, vocal training, stylistic interpretation and most of all musical enjoyment, where the choristers have the opportunity to experience studying and performance both as choristers and soloists.