Teaching profession

One of the greatest satisfactions in my life, after that of being a mum and apart from being a performing artiste, has been my vocation to teach.  It comes across to me as a mission to inspire, cultivate and be a role model to aspiring individuals.

My personal experience of teaching has been an innate need to impart my own knowledge and expertise to others through a holistic approach, this being an studentopportunity to witness the change, the growth and the transformation within the individual.  I myself have learnt so much through teaching and have been inspired all along.  It’s a never ending process which gives the opportunity to both the one imparting the knowledge as well as to the one who’s receiving it, to keep harnessing the richness that lies within this fascinating art.

We all owe our successes to some key individuals in our lives.   I owe mine to my parents and mentors who have nurtured me and believed in me every step of the way.  At present, I owe it to my son, who has given me this unique opportunity to become a mum and equally supports me in my career.  It wouldn’t be the same without him.  And I thank my very few special friends who are there for me as well as the people whose feedback, admiration and support give me that urge to carry on serving humanity with my talents.

On this note, we must all thank and appreciate the people in our lives who have been there for us, believed in us, supported us and made sure that we flow in our path.

This is indeed a celebration of love.


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Course specifications

Ruth offers tailor-made courses on an individual and team basis, training students with a holistic approach, whether beginners or experienced, to achieve artistic. skills whilst working at their own pace.  She mainly focuses on vocal and piano technique, dramatization, music appreciation, theoretical knowledge, ear training and creativity.  A certified SLC music tutor, Ruth shares her artistic experience with her students, encouraging as well as coaching them to pursue their own goals, leading to a horizon of opportunities, such as theatrical, stage and TV performances, ABRSM and Trinity College Examination Certificates, School Leaving Certificate profile in informal learning, auditions for local and foreign events, filming experiences and most importantly, a personal journey of self development.