Mum, performing artiste and pedagogue, Ruth’s mission is to discover, nurture and expose talent. 

Born on the 26th of March 1970, Ruth’s musical journey started at age nine, when she commenced piano lessons, and emerged into endless hours and several years of intensive studying, performance, pedagogy and dedication to a sound academic and cultural education, which have constantly been nurtured by her mentor Mro. Pawlu Grech. 

A classically trained musician and broadcaster, Fellow and Licentiate of the Trinity College of Music (London), Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (London) and graduate in musicology from the University of Malta, Ruth has furthered her music studies (Master Degree in Voice) for a year at the De Singel Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium.  

Backed up by a music teaching career since 1985, Ruth has graced the stage for over 32 years. A piano and vocal recitalist whose repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary, she has worked extensively with Maltese and foreign artists, performing as a solo artiste, premiering various Maltese compositions, and performing initially as a chorus girl, and later as a solo soprano in operatic, sacred and chamber music, musical theatre, as well as an actress in plays,  landing lead roles in Nicolo Isouard’s opera Joconde, G.F. Handel’s oratorio Messiah, the operettas Cin-ci-La, Il Paese dei Campanelli, La Scugnizza, La Vedova Allegra, the musicals A Slice of Saturday Night, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Carlo Goldoni’s play La Vedova Scaltra. 

Whilst teaching voice, piano and music studies, working meticulously with her students with a hollistic appraoch towards artistic performance,  Ruth is actively involved in theatre as a singer, pianist, actress, and choir director, as well as fulfilling main roles and guest apprearances in the film and television scenes. Television appearances include being resident singer in Saga, vocal coach and judge in Bravi, several guest apprearances/interviews in TV programmes, and (major/lead) acting roles in Ghada Jisbah Ukoll, QalbinNies, Pupi, The Inheritance, Tmien Nota and D.R.E.A.M.S.    She has furthered her vocal technique with Mezzo Soprano Lucienne van Dyck in Belgium and with Soprano Denise Mulholland in Malta.  

Ruth is a fervent contributor to charity through her art, and she has worked hand in hand with her students and Journey Choir, aiming to take musical performance and voluntary work to institutions.  

Ruth was musical director of Vocal Aid for three years, co-ordinating the programme and directing over 500 choristers at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.  These concerts raised money for the Daniel Delicata Memorial Association (June 2004) Puttinu Cares (June 2005) and Id-Dar tal-Providenza (June 2006).   For two consecutive years,  Ruth produced and artistically directed two megashows, Journey (2007) and Journey Evolution (2008) at the Malta Hilton, in aid of the Eden Foundation and Puttinu Cares respectively.   Over the past three years, she has entertained guests during ELCA and Ferramoda events, namely Parisian, Argentinian, Spanish and Fashion Show Nights at Le Meridien, Hilton, Malta, Excelsior and Radisson, SAS Baypoint.   

With a passion to serve humanity with her gifts, Ruth strongly believes in the essence of the individual potential of every human being.  She works on the  principles  of self expression, recognition and identity, integrating humanity and art as well as serving humanity with our talents.  

She is currently composing her own music, featuring herself as a cross-over soprano, fusing, both vocally and musically, the purely classical style with modern elements, and basing her works on the Maltese legacy and our cultural heritage.   And for this purpose, she was chosen as one of a number of artists to represent Malta during three festivals of the EU Oralites Project, launching twelve original compositions in Portugal in mid-July 2009. 

Ruth has dedicated her life to art and has a great passion for interpretation and the quest for the individual self.   



Academic Education


1975 – 1980     St. Francis Primary School    

1981 – 1985     St. Monica Secondary School     

1986 – 1988     Gan Frangisk Abela (Higher  Education)    

Final A-Level Certificates in:

English, French, Italian, Music Studies and Typing

 Music Education 

1979    Commenced piano with Sr. Mariella Fenech  – achieved merits and distinctions in Royal Schools of Music grade examinations 

1990  Furthered piano studies with Prof. Mro. Pawlu Grech, working on technique, style, interpretation, and general musicianship, specializing in contemporary style, as well as premiering various Maltese 20th Century works for piano as well as various chamber compositions.

Meanwhile, commenced vocal training with Soprano Antoinette Miggiani, after having been chorus girl throughout late teens, in various oratorios and operas staged in Maltese and Gozitan cathedrals and theatres.  

1990 – 1993   L.T.C.L.  Licentiate of the Trinity College of Music in Piano

L.R.S.M.  Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in Voice

F.T.C.L.  Fellowship of the Trinity College of Music in Voice

 1993 – 1996   University of Malta                                                         

Diploma in Music Studies

Attended master classes with Prof. Milutin Lazich, voice professor at Clarion University, US, and was his accompanist at a vocal recital at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta.  

 Final Certificates in:

*   History of Music

*   Mediterranean Music

*   Gregorian Chant

*   Piano Literature

*   String Literature 

*   Chamber Music

*   Vocal Ensemble

*   Musicological Research & Music Editing

*   Basic Musicianship & Improvisation

*   Harmony

*   Free Counterpoint

*   Analysis

*   Orchestration

*   Conducting

*   Music Repertory




(Anon. XVII Century)

Editing And Critical Commentary of an Anonymous Composition


 Vlaams Conservatorium Hogeschool, Antwerpen   1997 – 1998                                                   

First Year Masters Degree in Voice

Successfully completed the first of three years Master Degree in voice.   For main studies, was coached by Mezzo Soprano Lucienne van Dycke for vocal technique, diction mistress Maria Bollen, Guy Joosten and Koen Kessels for theatre studies and interpretation.    Attended masterclasses given by various artists from London.

Final Certificates in:

*   Vocal Technique

*   Diction

*   Piano

*   Chamber music

*   Music Theatre

*   Choral Practice

*   Ear training

*   Harmony

*   Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation

*   Music History

*   Music Literature

*   World Culture

*  Spatial Awareness and Stage techniques

*   Dance

*   Tai Chi


2008 –  Furthered vocal technique and interpretation with Soprano Denise Mulholland, currently in Malta.

2008 -   Music consultations and drawing lessons with Prof. Mro. Pawlu Grech.

Work Experience

Summer 1985 to date


Voice – Piano – Music Theory – Ear Training – Dramatisation – Music Appreciation


June 1989 – September 1993


Broadcaster / Producer (French & English) / Administrator


September 1991  - June 1996


Translator for French and English


October 1993 – June 1994


Voice / Piano tutor


July 1995 – July 1997


Journalist / Freelance programme contributor


October 1995 – June 1996


Music tutor


October 1996 – June 1997


Voice tutor




October 1997 – May 1998




January 1998 – June 1998

MARKETING AGENCY (Antwerp, Belgium)

Telephone Marketing Agent (English)


September 1998 – January 1999


Sales Representative


October 1998 – May 2001


Producer / Presenter (English)


May 2000 – June 2006


Voice coach / Choir director

Music director/co-ordinator in Vocal Aid (last three years)


July 2002 – April 2010

NEWAYS CO. LTD            

Network Marketer


August 2005 – March 2007


Sales Representative


In Appreciation

I dedicate this artistic celebration to my dad, in memory of the beautiful person he was, the special moments we shared together and the greatest gift he passed on to me . . . . his unconditional love and support,  which I will embrace for the rest of my life and which has helped me become who I am today.  Thank you Dad !